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Summer Beauty Tips
Summer is the season of heat, sweat and dryness. In such a weather, it is very important to protect our body from sunshine and maintain the beauty.

So these are some beauty tips including hair, skin care, manicure, padicure to maintain health and beauty during summer.
Summer beauty tips for skin care

1. Use foundation sparingly, if neccessary or prefer tinted moisturizer instead.
2. Scrub your face daily to look fresh.
3. A mixture of milk and honey is as effective as cleanser for the face to maintain its glow.
4. Blusher should be applied using light strokes.
5. Use SPF Moistriser that suits your skin type. Apply sunscreen twice a day to avoid skin tanning or darkness.
6. Use a good exfoliator, to remove dead cells of skin and give a brighter complexion.
7. In summer, apply a natural pink blush on apples on the cheeks.
8. Use waterproof mascara in case of outdoor activities.
9. Some people suggest to apply a paste of sunflower oil,lemon juice and sugar to remove a tan from the hands.
10. Apply a dot of concealer on the inner and outer corners of your under eye to hide dark circles

Summer beauty tips for hair care

In summer, hair become oily, sweaty due to humid temperature. Hence try a loose ponytail and wavy hair style to keep the sweat off your neck.

Use panthenol and cococut oil as hair conditioner
to protect from hair damage.

If you are regular swimmer, deep condition your hair once a week.

Hair colorist suggest light, natural colors in summer. You can lighten the hair naturally by combing lemon juice through hair.
Other beauty tips

* Drink lots of water because body needs more water in the spring summer to re hydrate. Always keep a water bottle or energetic fluids with you. Regularly eat juicy fruits to maintain water level in the body and reduce dryness of the skin.
* Put cucumber slices on eyes for 10 minutes everyday. It help to reduce dark circles below the eyes.
* Wear light colored clothes to prevent skin from sunrays.
* Color lips with a pencil and a layer of lip gloss. Avoid lipsticks with dark shades.
* Treat yourself to a pedicure and moisturize to the maximum. Soak the feet in water solution of lemon juice to de-tan and clean the feet.
* Paint your nails with bold nail polish.
* Never forget to remove make-up when going to bed.

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